Girl, 6, found dumped after being abducted outside school

It's believed she was targeted due to her father's fame

A six-year-old girl has been returned after she was snatched outside her school by four men.

Amy-Lee and her brother were dropped off at their primary school by mum, Angeline de Jager, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Monday (2 September).

According to reports, the men shoved the brother and other students aside, making a beeline for Amy-Lee.

The Sun reported that the young girl was a target as it was their intention to blackmail her famous dad, F1 powerboat racer Wynand, for money.

After the abduction, Wynand received a call demanding he pays two million rand ($195,000 AUD), to get his daughter released.

Amy-Lee and dad Wynand de Jager
Amy-Lee and dad Wynand (Credit: Facebook)

It wasn’t until nineteen hours later that Amy-Lee was found crying on a street corner.

Her aunt, Louise Horn, told TimesLIVE that a man and woman heard crying outside their home and took Amy-Lee to a police station.

She said, ‘Everything is okay, she wasn’t harmed. She also undergone tests at the hospital, so everything is okay. The family is still very heartbroken, but we are just thankful that she is alive.’

Ms Horn added, ‘It was the longest 19 hours of our family’s lives and we are really glad she is back with us.’

It’s said that after being reunited with her parents, Amy-Lee asked for her brother and a burger.

South African Police announced on Facebook that an investigation into the incident was ongoing.

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