Mum sees ‘ghost baby’ cuddling her boy on baby monitor

The explanation made us chuckle!

An American mum got a spooky shock when she checked her baby monitor.

Maritza Elizabeth checked on her son using the camera when she saw the ghostly image of a baby apparently snuggled next to her boy.

She crept into his room with a torch but didn’t catch any signs of the spirit.

After a restless night, she returned to investigate.

Maritza shared the story with Love What Matters (Credit: Love What Matter/Facebook)
The truth behind the ghostly image (Credit: Love What Matters/Facebook)

After pulling back the sheet, she found out what the ‘ghost baby’ really was.

‘It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets,’ she explained.

Luckily Maritza saw the funny side, although she joked that she ‘could kill’ her husband.

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