Genius or just plain wrong? Hilarious Aussie dad becomes online hit with ‘party pie toastie’ recipe

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An Aussie dad has become a culinary sensation online after sharing the recipe for his ‘party pie toastie’.

In his tongue-in-cheek video uploaded to Reddit, the man demonstrates how to merge two Australian favourites – a pie and a jaffle.

He starts off by explaining the first and most important step – cooking the pie in the oven.

He then places it squarely in the middle of the sliced white bread.

Next, he chops up some fresh parsley and a few chunks of cheese to, in his own words, ‘class it up a bit’.

Next, the second buttered slice goes on top and he places his creation into the jaffle machine.

Then, he serves up his culinary invention with a dash of tomato sauce and a sprinkling of herbs for presentation.

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While he was delighted with the result, not all Reddit users were so keen to try out the ‘party toastie’ for themselves.

One person wrote: ‘I think it’s time to lift the restrictions.’

Another commented: ‘Please get some direct sunshine…please, seriously please.’

While other Aussie users compared the interesting combination to their school lunches.

‘Oh this has been a thing in Australia for many a year,’ one person said. I remember my horrendous school canteen 78-81. Party pie and sauce in a fresh bread roll, tomato sauce pumped into the pie with the little nozzle bottle, roll buttered.

‘Now it looks like a heart attack waiting to happen but by god it tasted good.’

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