Frida the rescue dog retires

After saving hundreds of lives during natural disasters, Frida hangs up her booties after 9 years of service

Frida first bounded into headlines across the globe after her incredible work during the 2017 earthquake in Mexico.

The devasting earthquake which struck Mexico City on September 19 2017 took 370 lives. Measuring at a magnitude of 7.1 reports stated that shaking continued for at least one minute and 39 aftershocks were officially recorded.

Deployed in the rubble, Frida was fitted with protective glasses and booties as she made her through the debris.

Participating in the search effort Frida successfully found and saved over 50 lives.

The city of Pueba which was hit by the 2017 earthquake even erected a statue to honour Frida which depicts her in a saint-like nature.

Frida not only saved the lives of those in the Mexico earthquake but she has also been attributed to saving numerous lives of those in 2012 landslide in Guatemala, earthquakes in Haiti, Ecuador and Oaxaca as well as the Pemex tower explosion in Mexico City in 2013.

The navy even held a ceremony I honour of Frida’s incredible work in saving lives.

Today Frida hangs up her gear and retires after nine years of service.

But her trainer has spoken out saying that it’s not goodbye, Frida will now become a teacher to fellow ‘Fridas and Fidos’ helping the next generation of pups save lives.

‘I’m happy because Frida is retiring completely healthy. She’s earned her rest as a result of the work she’s done,’ Frida’s colleague Israel Arauz Salinas said.

It is no wonder the 10 year old golden lab stole our hearts!

We hope retirement is filled with balls and treats, because this girl certainly deserves them! 

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