Aussie family living in fear following racist coronavirus graffiti attack on home

They've been targeted in two separate incidents this week

A Chinese-Australian family is living in fear after experiencing two terrifying incidents at their Melbourne home. 

Dad Jackson revealed how he was scared after a person spray-painted ‘COVID-19 China Die’ on their Knoxfield home on Monday morning. 

Then on Tuesday morning, around 2.30am, a separate incident occurred where a large rock was thrown at a window, breaking it. 

Jackson, who chose not to reveal his surname, reported both cases of vandalism to the police. 

He told the ABC, ‘I’m just scared. I’m busy buying CCTV systems, repairing glass and buying lamps.’ 

Yahoo News reported how Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asked about the attack and requested he wanted the racism to stop. 

‘I deplore that sort of behaviour against any Australian, regardless of the religion or whatever it happens to be and I think that is the view of all Australians. 

‘So we have to call that sort of thing out It’s not on,’ he said. 

On Facebook, many expressed their dismay at the attack. 

One wrote, ‘Racism is never okay. We must all speak up and defend victims of ignorant rednecks and others who also should know better. 

Disgusting That’s not the majority of us. I hope that are caught and punished,’ another typed. 

A spokesperson for Victoria Police said they are investigating both incidents. 

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