Family discover their home was a meth lab after their unborn baby tests positive for the drug

It's every parent's worst nightmare

A family were left horrified after they discovered their recently purchased home was once used as a meth lab when their unborn baby tested positive for amphetamines.

Tyler and Elisha Hessel of Missouri had thought they’d found their dream home to raise their family before they made the shocking discovery.

It’s understood the couple had been trying for a baby for three years before falling pregnant. 

When they found out they were expecting, Elisha went to hospital to undergo the necessary testing where doctors found she had traces of meth in her system and that of her unborn baby.

Neither parent had ever taken the drug in any form.

Through process of elimination, the couple had their home tested for contamination which showed unsafe levels of methamphetamine still inside the house.

According to Missouri law, agents who sell properties that have been used as meth labs in the past are required to disclose this information to the buyers. However, this was never revealed to the Hessels.

The couple were forced to gut their home and re-build and are now living with Elisha’s mother while construction is underway. A GoFundMe has been set up to assist the family with these costs.

They were also forced to leave behind most of their belongings including precious family photographs and new furniture which have all been contaminated.

Speaking to WFAA, Elisha expressed her disappointment in the situation, saying ‘Everybody wants to have their own home when they bring their baby home. A lot of it’s the disappointment and being upset over it, but I have definitely been angry over it as well,’

Since vacating the property, Elisha has been tested again for methamphetamine but there are no longer traces in her system.

Doctors have revealed that the couple’s baby is healthy and will be due in January, 2020.

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