Ex Disney World employee goes viral after revealing secret facts behind the world-famous parks

The teenager has become a hit online

A former Disney World worker has revealed behind the scenes secrets from her time as an employee.

Fayth Hendley, 19, has become a social media sensation after her videos on TikTok were viewed by over half a million people.

The Illinois teenager took part in the Disney College Program last spring and plans to return next year.

In one of the videos, she explains why there is no chewing gum sold at any of the Disney parks around the world.

She told viewers: “This is because, when people are done chewing their gum, they decided that they’re just going to stick it somewhere, instead of disposing of it properly.”

She treated viewers to fun facts about the different parks.

Fayth said that out of all Disney’s attractions around the world, the Kilimanjaro Safari is the biggest.

In fact it’s so vast, the entire Magic Kingdom attraction could fit inside it.

Fayth also revealed the numbers behind Disney’s most eco-friendly attraction.

She said the Living with the Land attraction at Disney Epcot produces over 30 tons of fruit and vegetables each year.

“Any of this that is not donated is still put to good use in the food and beverage locations across Disney World,” she explained.

Interestingly, food waste is also put to good use by being converted into biofuel to power the shuttles which run around each park.

And according to Fayth, Disneygoers can even get their haircut at Main Street on Magic Kingdom.

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