Dog shares first dance with newlyweds

Pawsitively amazing

For couple Seth Funden and Nicole it was a MUST that their pup Eva was there when they finally said I-do.

So earlier this month when the couple, from Washington State in the USA, wed it was no surprise to their family and friends that Eva was front and center.

One of the wedding guests Selena Mecedes told The Dodo that Eva was truly part of the Funden’s and she wasn’t shocked to see her participate in the nuptials.

‘They take her everywhere they go,’ Selena told The Dodo.

Many couples make sure their beloved pet is part of their big day but it was a video of the newlyweds first dance that truly captured the importance of man’s best friend.

Sporting a black bowtie Eva jumped up and joined the couple in the tradition husband and wife dance.

‘It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea it was going to happen. It brought tears to my eyes,’ Selena continued.

One big happy family there is no surprise this video went viral!

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