Dog sprains his tail from ‘excessive wagging’ since owners have been in lockdown

So sweet!

A dachshund named Rolo who was so excited to have his owners home while they self-isolate has injured himself from wagging his tail too much.

The dog’s owner, Emma Smith, recently took to twitter explaining that since her family had been working from home, they noticed Rolo’s tail had stopped working.

Taking him to the vet, the Smith family were told that Rolo had simply sprained his tail from ‘excessively wagging it’.

He was provided with pain killers and sent home to rest. It’s understood he should be fully healed within a week.

Following her original post, Emma’s tweet has been liked more than a million times and received 3,000 comments at the time of publication.

Many users sympathised with the pooch’s devotion to his family with one person commenting ‘this hurts my heart’.

Another woman claimed the correct term for Rolo’s condition was called ‘happy tail’. ‘It’s the cutest and saddest thing ever,’ she wrote.

A third person wrote that ‘so many dogs are gonna be disappointed when this is over’ referring to families self-isolating in their homes.

Emma has since provided several updates of Rolo’s recovery, stating that the sausage dog is ‘super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift [his tail] up in the air.’

We hope Rolo is back to his happy self in no time!

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