Disabled husky dog is found dead just days after being snatched

So heartbreaking

A disabled husky has tragically been found dead, just days after being stolen by a thief.

Zorra, who used a pink wheelchair to get around, was snatched when someone took the Volvo car she was in.

Three days later, the white husky’s body was recovered in Oakland Park, Florida.

The pooch’s owner, Wanda Ferrari, received the devastating news at a rescue centre. Local rescue page 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Florida, filmed the aftermath of the sad moment on a Facebook Live video.

A volunteer for the charity says, ‘It’s not good news. They won’t tell us anything other than the fact that Zorra is deceased.

‘They’re just telling us that it’s an ongoing investigation, and Zorra is gone. She is dead.’

She adds, ‘And I hope that they find this piece of s**t and he pays for what he did.’

The Metro reported that Jamie Katz, a private investigator looking into what happened, said, ‘We have not been given any other information by police except the car was found and Zorra has passed.

He added, ‘We are horrified at this news, we can’t imagine what this poor baby went through.

‘We hope the person responsible for this will be found and justice served.’

A $3,000 is currently on offer to help find Zorra’s abductor.

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