Daniel was savagely doused in acid by his exil ex…but then found love again

So brave

Daniel Rotariu was asleep in July 2016 after a row with his ex-girlfriend Katie Leong. 

But he woke to Katie, 52, dousing him in half a litre of sulphuric acid.

‘As I came around it felt like she was throwing hot water on me,’ he said.

Daniel Rotariu before the attack. (Credit: Facebook.)

The reality was far more horrific, and Daniel was left blind in both eyes and scarred for life.

A court later heard Katie had practised pouring acid on sausages to make sure it would burn through human flesh.

She was also obsessed with Katie Piper, the British woman who lost sight in one eye after her ex threw acid in her face.

Attacker Katie Leong.

Daniel spent six months in hospital receiving lifesaving treatment, which included 20 operations, while his ex was found guilty of attempted murder and jailed for life.

Amid the darkness however, Daniel, now 33, started building a new life.

Moved to a supported living facility, he met carer Anna Catanga and the pair fell in love. Two years after the attack, which left Daniel with scars to 32 per cent of his body, he and Anna welcomed baby David.

And in July this year the pair wed in Daniel’s home town in Romania.

Anna and Daniel. (Credit: Facebook.)
Daniel with baby David. (Credit: Facebook.)

As he lived overseas, many of his family and friends hadn’t seen him since he was injured.

‘I think some were shocked by how I looked,’ Daniel said. ‘Some of my relatives started crying. But it just felt unbelievable to be marrying the woman I love after everything I’ve been through. I hope my story gives hope to others.’

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