Dad ‘snapped baby boy’s ribs after squeezing him to stop crying’

Four of the bub's bones were broken

A father snapped his baby boy’s ribs to stop him crying, it’s been claimed.

According to reports from The Duncan Banner, Brendan Peavler, 20, broke four of the two-month-old’s bones in Duncan, Oklahoma, in August.

 Last week, he was charged with child abuse after reportedly telling police he ‘squeezed’ his son ‘tight’.

Peavler then went on to say that when his son’s crying didn’t stop ‘he had squeezed (the baby) approximately five times’ and the last time was approximately a week before going to hospital.’

He admitted he didn’t tell anyone about squeezing his son.

Brendan Peavler
Brendan Peavler (Credit: Stephens County Jail)

The infant’s mother Jewels Harmon had taken him to hospital as she was concerned about her son’s cough.

But doctors called police as they believed the broken ribs ‘were consistent with child abuse.

According to The Metro, it appears that Harmon has now split from Peavler.

On Facebook, she wrote, ‘Someone please tell me how you can know someone so well & then it turns out you don’t f*****g knew them at All.!!’

Initially Peavler had told police he accidentally dropped his son, but in a follow-up interview on October 1, he claimed he hurt the baby when he refused to stop crying.

Peavler is currently in jail with a $200,000 bond and will appear in court on December 11.

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