Dad ‘raped daughter as he couldn’t afford to get her a birthday present’


A dad raped his daughter as a ‘present’ on her 13th birthday, because he couldn’t afford to buy a gift.

According to reports, the 32-year-old, sexually assaulted the girl at their home in Chipaya, Bolivia.

It’s understood the girl’s mother caught the man, who hasn’t been named, attacked their girl.

The Sun reported that the man waited for his wife to leave their home before raping his daughter, after saying he would spend time alone with her to celebrate her birthday.

When the wife discovered what was happening, he then threatened her. But she called police who arrested him on October 4.

It’s reported that when the man was questioned by investigators, he claimed he ‘did not have enough money to buy the girl a present’ so he decided to ‘give her his own gift.’

The daughter is currently receiving psychological support.

Oruro Equal Opportunities spokesperson Carmen Miranda told local media, ‘There was a sexual aggression against a 13-year-old girl and the sad thing is that the suspect is her father who took advantage of the victim while he was alone with her.’

The man remains in custody while the investigation continues.

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