Perth couple are shocked to discover stranger asleep on their couch!

How scary!
Baldivis/Rockingham Now/Facebook

A Perth couple were left shocked when they discovered a stranger fast asleep on their couch.

The pair shared a snap of the unknown man to a local community Facebook page.

In the photo, it shows how the man helped himself to a bowl of cereal before curling up asleep under a white page.

The post said, ‘The owners handled this much better than a lot of people would after finding out this stranger has opened the garage door, walked past the dog in the house and fallen asleep on the couch.’

It also claimed the incident happened in Baldivis, 46km south of Perth CBD, last Thursday (28 November) at 5am.

Yahoo News Australia reported how Western Australia police confirmed the couple had woken the man up and escorted him outside after discovering him.

But when the man allegedly ‘continued to loiter near the home,’ the pair decided to call the police.

A spokesperson for WA police said, ‘Police located the man in a nearby park where he was taken into custody.’

The 45-year-old man was charged with trespassing and is due to appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on December 16.

The Baldivis and Rockingham Facebook page shared the story and congratulated the couple for how they ‘dealt with this situation’.

They added, ‘Whilst there are humorous aspects to this story…there is a very serious message in here as well.’

It continued, ‘This is a true story, that thankfully has a positive ending for the owners (perhaps not a great ending for the man who was picked up by the police) but could have ended very differently.

‘Make sure your front doors, garage doors etc are locked.’

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