Parents who starved baby to death AVOID jail and complained of being hungry

The pair complained of being hungry in their baby's final hours
Cass County Sheriff's Office

A couple who starved their baby daughter to death have avoided jail.

At a hearing on Monday, David Krutina, 24, and wife Kassandra, 21, were ordered to complete five years’ probation and 80 years community service.

The couple from Louisville, Nebraska, managed to escape a prison sentence over the 2018 death of their baby girl, Samantha.

It’s reported they dodged jail due to a strike plea deal in August.

The pair clearly showed little remorse as their baby lay dying in a Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

Her parents ignored Samantha during her final hours, despite being told she wouldn’t survive, The Metro reported.

KETV even reported that as Samantha passed away, the Krutinas complained they wanted to go home because they were tired, hungry and needed to let the dogs out.

They also stayed on a different floor close to Samantha’s twin sister, Charlotte, who had also been starved.

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Twins Samantha and Charlotte were born in February 2018 at 27 weeks. Samantha weighed just two pounds, three ounces at birth.

After two months in intensive care, the twins were sent home, but were rushed back to hospital last September as they were suffering severe malnourishment.

Later that evening, Samantha died of a bacterial infection caused by malnourishment.

Hospital staff described her death as ‘one of the worst cases of neglect they have encountered.’

According to The Lincoln Journal-Star, the infants had only been taken to the doctor’s once, which was two days after they were discharged from hospital.

It’s unclear why their parents didn’t receive a jail sentence for their neglect and the pair are still being allowed to continue to care for their older children.

A judge is also set to rule whether Charlotte will be returned to the couple.

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