‘Check your milk’: Aussie mum’s warning after dangerous find

'It almost ended up in my toddler’s brekky'

Aldi shoppers have been warned to ‘check your milk’ after disturbing claims from three customers. 

Sharing on Facebook, Melbourne mum Tina says she discovered a metal ball in her 2 litre container of Aldi Full Cream Milk, saying it ‘almost ended up in my toddler’s brekky’.

After voicing her concerns, two other Aldi shoppers claimed they’d made a similar discoveries in their Aldi milk in recent days – sparking even more concern. 

Posting on the Aldi Mums Facebook page, Tina wrote ‘This morning I found a small metal ball in the Aldi 2 litre full cream milk. If you’ve purchased this please check yours as it almost ended up in my toddlers brekky. Expiry date 28 April. I have just emailed Aldi to notify them.’

She added ‘I have just spoken to the recall line and he is going to speak with head office and phones aren’t currently working. It is not from a piercing, another member has commented she found one too. Please just check your milk to be safe.’

Shortly after Tina shared her claim, fellow shopper Toni replied ‘We found the same thing.’

A few hours later, Aldi customer Kass also claimed that she also found a metal ball in her milk just a day or two before Tina. She claims: ‘I rang the local store and they offered a refund but I told them no and then I was hung up on.’

Fellow Aldi shoppers were quick to thank Tina for sharing her story and warning others, with many suggesting the metal could’ve come from a piece of machinery.

Said one ‘I bought 4 bottles a few days ago about to open first one today, I’ll be keeping an eye out as I have 4 young children that use it thank you for posting.’ Added another: ‘Thank you for letting us know and great job on ringing Aldi to report it.’

‘Ohh I bought a 3 litre milk from Aldi yesterday, I’ll be checking this now, my 16 month old is the only one who drinks the milk 🙁 luckily we haven’t opened it yet,’ commented another

Tina went on to suggest that other shoppers look at the bottom of their milk bottles before using them, adding that ‘you should be able to see if there’s one in there.’

Responding to Tina’s claim, an Aldi spokesperson told New Idea Food: ‘We have begun our investigation into this issue, including contacting the customer involved. We can confirm that this is an isolated incident.’

This article first appeared on New Idea Food and has been republished here with permission.

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