Charles Manson’s son DEFENDS his father in chilling interview

It's the first time he's spoken out in 26 years

The son of notorious cult leader, Charles Manson, has spoken out about his father’s crimes for the first time in 26 years.

Speaking to The LA Times, Michael Brunner, now 51, has defended the actions of his late father who died in November 2017.

‘I would say 95% of the public looks at Charlie as this mass-murdering dog, and it’s really, obviously, just not true.’ Brunner said. ‘He didn’t necessarily kill.’

Manson was sentenced to life in prison after his cult followers known as the ‘Manson Family’ killed nine people in 1969.

It’s long believed that the motive behind these killings was Manson’s intention to start a race war after becoming infatuated with The Beatles and their song ‘Helter Skelter’.

Michael Brunner today (Credit: TNS)

During the chilling interview, Brunner stated that he thinks the public has been fed some untruths in relation to his father’s involvement in the horrendous crimes.

‘This whole thing has been glorified and glammified and blown out of proportion,’ he said. 

‘Did [Manson] order these crimes? I don’t believe that he did. I believe that is was something manufactured after the fact. This ‘Helter Skelter’ thing, when you look into it deeply, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.’

Raised by his grandparents after the imprisonment of both his biological parents, Brunner admitted that they were reluctant to reveal the heavy details about what had happened.

It wasn’t until a classmate passed him a note at school one day explaining that his father was a murderer that Brunner realised the extent of the crimes committed.

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