All bushfires in NSW are now under control

Rain has helped fight the flames

All bush fires in New South Wales are now under control, the Rural Fire Service has announced.

After horrifying six months, the 24 fires still burning in the state are being contained by firefighters.

The news comes after a deluge of rain earlier this month.

James Morris, RFS spokesman, said the rainfall had been a ‘final straw’ following the amazing work of fireys and volunteers.

‘We extinguished several main ones of the past week,’ Mr Morris said.

He added, ‘Our fireys haven’t had a break, one day they’re on a fire ground, the next they’re dealing with flood and storm damage in the community. The work they’ve done in the past six months is truly inspiring.’

But he warned against complacency, saying a return to hot, dry weather could see more fires rage before the end of the season.

Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said the season had been ‘devastating’ for firefighters and residents.

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