Bride bans her bridesmaid from wearing make-up

Do you think she went too far?

A bride’s unusual wedding day request has raised eyebrows when a bridesmaid posted details online.

A screenshot of an exchange between a bride and bridesmaid was posted to a Facebook group called That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming showed the bride asking her friend not to wear make-up or style her hair on the big day.

I don’t mean to sound weird, the bride wrote, but can you not wear make up for my wedding?

The bridesmaid said she didn’t usually wear make up anyway, but added, isn’t everyone else getting their make up done?

Yeah but I don’t want you to outshine me, the woman replied. Then she asked her friend not to get her hair done either.

Because it should be about me that day, she explained.

The image sparked a flurry of comments. Most thought the bride was out of line, but others thought the request was actually a compliment.

‘Clearly someone is jealous. Kinda sad actually,’ said one woman.

‘I would take that as a compliment honestly,’ said another.

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