Baby girl shook so hard she suffered three heart attacks and two strokes before dying

Her mum's boyfriend confessed to the killing

A man has been jailed for shaking a baby girl so hard that she suffered three heart attacks and two strokes before dying.

Mason Kamrowski, 20, admitted to the May 2018 of murder of Brynley Rymer in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

On Wednesday (28 November) he was jailed for 22 years for killing the five-month-old girl.

The Metro reported how Brynley’s family were outraged at the killer’s sentence.

Family friend Hailey Lott said, ‘Once these 22 years are up, he still has the chance to do something with his life. How is that fair?’

It was reported by Grand Forks Herald that Kamorwski killed his girlfriend’s daughter after agreeing to care for the bub while his partner went shopping.

Kamrowski had to rush the baby to hospital after she suffered a ‘medical emergency.’

Brynley was then air-lifted to hospital, where she died the next day.

It was found that the infant was killed by a traumatic brain injury, which a pathologist said was caused by violent shaking.

Killer Mason Kamrowski
Killer Mason Kamrowski

Kamrowski struck a plea deal back in August, meaning by admitting to the murder, he would be charged with a life sentence and receive a 22.5 year jail sentence.

He will also have to register as an offender against children and spend five years on probation once he is released.

In an obituary for Brynley, it said how she ‘brought sunshine to everyone’s day with her sweet, sweet smile.’

Continuing, it read, ‘She loved to be sang to and fall asleep in your arms and always got so excited when she heard her bottle shake.

‘She hated tummy time and always wanted to be held.’

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