Classroom prank nearly kills art teacher

The students were warned about her deadly banana allergy

The teacher could have been killed

An art teacher with a serious allergy to bananas was rushed to hospital after students threw the fruit at her.

The teacher’s classroom had a warning sign on the door declaring the space as ‘Banana Free Zone.’

The sign told pupils about Mrs Woods’ banana allergy and told them to take precautions to help keep her safe. If you had one today, you must wash your hands before going into the art room. Thank you! the sign read.

However, three students aged 12-13, two boys and a girl, smeared her classroom’s door handle with fruit after lunchtime.

According to the school’s security guard, they also threw bananas at her once she was inside.

Banana attack in classroom
Footage on Scoring Our Schools showed a banana on the floor (Credit: Images from ABC 6 Scoring Our Schools/ WSYX / YouTube)

The cruel prank caused Mrs Woods to go into anaphylactic shock. Her throat began to close and when she failed to respond to one Epipen, a second had to be administered before she was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

The incident happened at Starling K-8 school in Columbus, Ohio, in November last year and was recently featured on an episode of ABC 6’s Scoring Our Schools.

The report included police bodycam footage showing their response to the incident. The security guard told officers,‘This could be attempted murder.’

‘All of the kids know she’s deathly allergic to bananas,’ he added.

The pupils were expelled from the school and given probation when the incident went through juvenile court.

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