13-year-old boy died from obesity after mum force-fed him takeaway in his hospital bed

His mum described him as a 'lazy doughnut'

A 13-year-old boy who died from complications due to his obesity was force-fed takeaway food by his ‘abusive’ mother while stuck in his hospital bed.

A review into his death found that his mother had prevented him from getting regular exercise and plying him with calorie-laden meals instead.

It’s understood that the boy would eat up to 2,000 calories before lunch each day, including two separate breakfasts.

By the time the boy was three-years-old, he already weighed 30 kilograms.

It’s reported that his mother had not given him a sports kit for school. However, the boy had asked his teachers not to tell her about the extra exercise classes he was taking.

The school had also tried to help by encouraging the boy to walk to school with friends.

When she found out, his mother intervened and insisted she drive him to school instead.

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The boy was force-fed takeaway food in his hospital bed (Credit: Getty Images)

In 2015 the child was hospitalised during which he was found to have dilated cardiomyopathy, a blood clot and a history of morbid obesity.

When his mother was questioned about his weight, she replied that he was a ‘lazy doughnut’.

After being discharged, the boy was rushed back just a few weeks later after his condition had significantly deteriorated. 

During his stay, his mother would force-feed him takeaway food as he lay helpless in bed.

Although doctors wanted to carry out a heart transplant, the boy was too overweight, unfit and his deteriorating condition. He sadly died shortly after.

It’s reported that a criminal investigation begun following his death but that no further action was taken.

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