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Woman vents about boyfriend’s VERY strange relationship with ex

Cause for concern!
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A woman has taken to an online forum to ask for advice about her boyfriend’s bizarre relationship with his ex-partner.

Posting to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman told users her boyfriend meets up with his ex-girlfriend every year when she comes home for Christmas.

If that isn’t weird enough, she went on to say he became upset and erratic after learning his ex was pregnant.

‘He didn’t see her this year and hadn’t heard from her so called her and she told him she was pregnant it was a shock, although she’s been dating her boyfriend for a couple years,’ she wrote.

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‘My boyfriend has completely changed since hearing this he said he needed space so I’m staying at my sister’s. We were having problems before. He’s been drinking a lot and now told me he’s taken a week off work to go stay in a random city on his own as he needs to get away.’

She then asked her fellow users if her boyfriend might still be in love with this woman.

‘She’s his only serious ex and I wonder is this a one that got away type reaction? We don’t have any children and he’s never mentioned wanting children. I’m just a bit confused to this reaction although he says it’s nothing to do with her,’ she added.

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Several comments agreed that her boyfriend is clearly not over his ex.

‘He’s not over her. There’s nothing normal about his reaction. If they were just friends then he’d say ‘congratulations’ and get on with his day,’ one wrote.

‘Move on, if you stay with him you’re constantly going to see yourself as second best and is he only with you till something better turns up,’ another said.

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