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My hubby had a baby with our son’s ex!

He was caught out by a photograph

Nicola Adams had heard of keeping it in the family but her husband Trevor went too far.

Reeling from the betrayal, Nicola shares her story.

I heard the key in the door and looked up as my son Shaun walked in.

‘Mum, there’s someone I’d like you to meet,’ he smiled nervously.

I recognised Joanne* from the flat over the road.

At 19, she was three years older than my Shaun, but she was the first girl he’d brought home and I was proud.

‘Why don’t you sit down, I’ll put the kettle on,’ I smiled.

My hubby Trevor, then 32, and I had been teenagers when we first met. 

Shaun was our first and he was quickly followed by three more.

I was happy for Shaun and Joanne − until he announced they were having a baby.

He was only 16 and I was completely shocked.

‘This isn’t like buying a puppy,’ I said to Shaun and Joanne. ‘This is the biggest commitment of your life. Are you sure you’re ready?’

The pair were determined to make it work, though.

Although I was worried, I busied myself preparing for their new arrival.

Any spare cash Trevor and I had went into re-decorating Shaun’s room as we turned
it into a nursery.

‘Will you be with me at the birth?’ Joanne asked me.

I was so touched.

‘You try and keep me away, love,’ I grinned.

I refuse to waste any more heartbreak on them. Credit: Supplied
(I refuse to waste any more heartbreak on them. Credit: Supplied)

When their little boy was born, he was the apple of my eye.

I’d help by feeding, bathing and playing with him.

While I relished my new role, I could have done with
an extra pair of hands to help out.

‘Can you do this feed?’ I asked Trevor one day, passing him the bottle.

‘I’m watching the game,’ he replied, barely looking up from the match on TV.

We began arguing constantly, and when our grandson was 18 months old, Trevor and I separated, after 19 years together.

It was heartbreaking, but Shaun and Joanne’s relationship was also on the rocks and I had to put my grandson first.

A month later, with Joanne’s blessing, I was granted a child arrangement order through the courts, which meant their little one would live permanently with me.

It was what was best for him, and when Trevor and Joanne moved out, I focused on bringing him up.

But one day, my neighbour phoned me.

‘Have you heard about Trev and Joanne?’ she blurted.

I had more important things to think about than silly gossip and laughed it off.


Me with my son Shaun. Credit: Supplied
(Me with my son Shaun. Credit: Supplied)

But then she sent me a photo of Trevor and Joanne walking down the street together.

At first glance, it seemed innocent enough.

After all, there was no crime in Trevor walking with the mother of his grandson, but it did strike me as odd.

He’d barely uttered a word to Joanne when Shaun brought her home.

Then I looked more closely at the photo − and it looked like Joanne was pregnant again.

My mind raced and I began to think the unthinkable.

Trevor couldn’t have started a relationship with our teen son’s girlfriend… could he?

Grabbing my mobile, I called Trevor.

‘Can you tell me why I’ve got a picture of you and Joanne waltzing down the street in front of me?’ I demanded.

‘Oh that’s nothing,’ he blustered. ‘I’m just staying at Joanne’s at the moment because my benefits are being paid into her account.’

Trevor was my first love, my childhood sweetheart – so I knew when he was lying.

The photo that gave them away. Credit: Supplied
(The photo that gave them away. Credit: Supplied)

And when Joanne and Trevor’s baby was born, I felt numb.

My husband was dating our son’s ex and the mother of our grandson − and now he had a baby with her too.

It was almost too much to bear when I told Shaun about his dad’s betrayal.

‘Why would Dad do that to us?’ Shaun cried. ‘I’ll never forgive him.’

It was one thing breaking my heart, but for Trevor to hurt and humiliate his own son was unforgivable.

Poor Shaun had to face the fact that his ex was now shacked up with his dad, while the baby was his half-brother, as well as his son’s half brother.

It was wrong.

Trevor and Joanne went on to have another baby, but I heard that they’ve since split up. 

I refuse to waste a moment’s more heartbreak on them.

My grandson is four now and still lives with me.

He is the only good thing to come out of all this.

* Name’s have been changed

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