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Sydney mum cops criticism for her little boy’s long hair

She's been told he'll develop a gender identity problem if she doesn't cut his hair.
Alice Goulding

A mum who is constantly criticised for her son’s long hair has hit back at her critics.

Alice Goulding, 29 and a hairdresser, says she is tired of people having a go at her because of her son Winter’s hair.

‘A parent came up to me at a birthday party and started saying that Winter would grow up to be trans because his hair’s long,’ she says.

Winter loves his long hair
Winter loves his long hair.

The Sydney mum says passers-by often mistake her son for a girl but that her son is happy.

‘He has this gorgeous hair, light blonde on the end which blends up to a dark blonde on the roots. He’s got a beautiful natural balayage, so why cut it?’

Alice says Winter likes his hair and and when she threatened to cut it if he didn’t brush it, he started to brush it regularly.

She said some girls would often stop playing with him when they realised he was a boy and not a girl.

Winter with long hair.
Mum criticised because her son’s long hair is ‘girly’.

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