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Mum horrified after daughter finds X-rated toy in Kmart


A mother was horrified to find her daughter clutching an seemingly X-rated toy while shopping in Kmart.

Queensland mum Catherine Douglas was in Kmart with her two daughters, aged six and three, when she noticed her youngest holding something disturbing. 

‘We were having a look around the doll section, when my three-year-old came around the corner with this thing in her hand,’ Ms Douglas told

‘My first impression was total shock, I said: “What’s that? Give it to me now!”.’

Ms Douglas’ daughter had what appeared to be a flesh-coloured, phallic shaped toy in her tiny hand. 

But upon closer inspection, the worried mother realised it was actually a banana with a finger-shaped toy hidden inside.

(Credit: ToysRUs)

‘But at that angle, when I first saw it, I was quite worried that it was in my child’s hand,’ she added.

The toy itself is part of the ‘Orb Odditeez Fuzion Foodz’ collection and is sold for $5 in Kmart.

Ms Douglas posted her discovery to Facebook, but it was removed shortly after – likely deemed ‘explicit’ by Facebook admin.

But not before it received hundreds of likes and comments from amused Kmart fans. 

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