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DNA shock: My neighbour was my BROTHER

What are the chances?

In 2018, Laureen Clarke’s paternal grandmother died, taking with her their family history. Laureen, 30, was prompted to do an DNA test to try and answer some questions about her heritage.

She was fascinated to discover she had both Mexican and Native American genes, but was even more intrigued when she received a message from Josh, a man who the website flagged as a ‘close relative’.

Laureen Clarke as a child with her dad. (Credit: Laureen Clarke.)

Hi! So, this recommended that you might be my first cousin? Josh wrote. I never actually met my biological dad so I’m wondering if you might be from that side of the family. I believe his name was Dennis. Does that sound familiar?

Laureen’s heart began beating faster. Dennis was her father’s name! Could Josh be her half-brother?

Laureen’s dad Dennis with her today. (Credit: Laureen Clarke.)

Looking him up on Facebook, she had no doubt – Josh was the spitting image of her dad.

Laureen and Josh, who were only nine months apart in age, met that same day and discovered they’d gone to the same schools, had mutual friends, and went to the same restaurant for Taco Tuesday dinner. In fact, they were neighbours!

‘I could throw a football to his window from mine!’ Laureen told Love What Matters.

A court DNA test confirmed they were half-siblings and now Laureen, Josh and Dennis are working on their relationship.

Josh and Laureen with the results of their DNA test. (Credit: Laureen Clarke.)

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