Wife called ‘ungrateful’ for complaining about husband’s anniversary gift

She has the internet divided.

A woman has been slammed online for complaining about the gift she received from her husband for their wedding anniversary. 

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman, who revealed she was eight months pregnant, said she ‘couldn’t hide’ her disappointment when her husband handed her a bouquet of fruit, instead of flowers for their second anniversary. 

‘We are off on holidays this evening and a b***** great fruit bouquet has just arrived as my anniversary gift,’ she said on the forum.

‘My DH [Dear Husband] explained he thought it would be better as we could take it away with us (we are driving) and flowers would get wasted.’

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‘I’m really disappointed and think it’s such an unromantic gift.’

‘I’m also dreading driving in a car on holiday with a grizzly baby and a basket full of rotting fruit.’

The woman asked others what she would do in her situation. 

Unfortunately for her, the majority of the commenters totally disagreed with her stance, and told her she sounds ‘incredibly ungrateful’. 

One wrote, ‘He has clearly thought outside of the box as you are currently pregnant and several ‘traditional’ gifts would be inappropriate.’ 

‘I feel sorry for your other half.’ 

Others remarked they would be happy that he remembered the anniversary at all. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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