What to do when you’re too weary to work out

Stay on track with these handy tips.

How do you maintain an exercise routine when you’re too tired to even lace up your shoes? Try these tips to get through your work-out when you’re feeling washed out.

Don’t go home

You worked late, suffered the commute home, and now you just want to hit the couch. Maybe after a rest you’ll feel more energised? Don’t do it! If you go home you’ll stay there. Change into your sweats before you leave work – it will help shift your motivation into gear.

Halve it

Can’t face an hour of yoga or an entire boot camp session? Try committing to just half your usual work-out. If you really can’t continue, at least you’ve put in a good effort, but often simply exercising for a short period produces the energy and endorphins needed to keep going.

Turn up the tunes

Music can distract you from how tired you feel. Create a playlist of upbeat toe-tappers and pop in those earbuds.

Rehash your routine

If feeling fatigued in the evenings is causing you to skip exercise, try an earlier work-out. A simple walk around the block before breakfast, or a lap of the local pool on your lunch break can help boost your energy levels.

Investigate your fatigue

Is your body tired, or is your brain just drained from life’s pressures? The two can feel similar, but while physical fatigue can be relieved by adequate rest, exercise is often the best medicine for mental fatigue.

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