Mum’s genius $2 pram hack has the Internet cheering

This is genius.
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A mum has sent the whole Internet into a round of applause after she has shown how to use a shower cap to fix a problem most mothers deal with! 

Posting to Facebook, the mum revealed this genius hack:

1. Take 4 x shower caps (cheap ones from any supermarket will do!)

2. Before going into your home after a pram walk, apply one shower cap to each pram wheel 

3. Take the pram anywhere inside your home with NO residual mess

4. No mess, whatsoever

5. Give the woman a round of applause! 

The photo was posted to UK blog, Family Days, Tried and Tested. The idea was created to beat the inevitable onslaught of mud and rain that comes with a British winter. 

This hack saves so much more than preventing residual mess from entering the house, it also solves these problems too:

  • Rainy day skid marks on your inside floors and a soggy, messy and often muddy boot
  • Bringing in sand from the beach
  • Grass, leaves and random sticks coming in to your home
  • The mud that catches in the pram wheels when you’ve been chasing your toddler through the park and under the bubbler
  • When you’re unfortunate enough to drive through some dog poo

We’ll be trying this out ASAP! 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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