These are the 25 passwords you should never use

Are you guilty of any of these?

It can be hard to come up with passwords sometimes. Not only do they have to use a million different letters, characters, and symbols they need to  be all different AND somehow easy to remember?


Yeah, no thanks.


However it is important to not fall into the trap of using these common passwords. SplashData have released the top 25 most commonly used passwords which make it incredibly easy for people to break into your account.


Number one?





Have a look at this list – you are using any of these passwords, it’s time to make a change.


  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345
  • 12345678
  • football
  • qwerty
  • 1234567890
  • 1234567
  • princess
  • 1234
  • login
  • welcome
  • solo
  • abc123
  • admin
  • 121212
  • flower
  • passw0rd
  • dragon
  • sunshine
  • master
  • hottie
  • loveme
  • zaq1zaq1
  • password1


‘Making minor modifications to an easily guessable password does not make it secure, and hackers will take advantage of these tendencies,’ Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData told Time


Keep yourself and your information safe by taking a little time to find a unique password that’s hard to guess but easy to remember!


This article originally appeared on Girlfriend

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