Best Nude Beaches in Victoria and Melbourne

Where you should dare to bare

For some Australian sun-seekers, stripping off on the beach is a way of expressing themselves and feeling free. For others, a trip to a nude beach is about not getting tan lines.

But whatever your reason for getting in the buff a nudist beach, here’s a handy guide to daring to bare in at the best nude beaches in VictoriaAustralia.

Tips for visiting a nude beach

If you’re looking to soak up the Aussie sun it’s vital to make sure you are protected from the sun’s strong rays.

Slip, slap, slop and don’t forget those to put sunscreen on the spots the sun might not normally see.

Remember to keep your eyes to yourself and don’t stare at your beach mates – however novel nudity might be!

And definitely don’t take any photos or pull out your phone. Privacy is paramount on a nude beach – and we’ve seen it all before.

If you do feel awkward, try to avoid cracking any risqué jokes – you don’t want your fellow beachgoers to feel uncomfortable.

Apply insect repellent to avoid becoming a tasty treat for bugs to feast on.

And last but not least, make sure the beach you are on is actually a nudist-friendly beach.

Thankfully, the three Victorian beaches ranked below are all officially clothing-optional.

Make sure you know the rules before you dare to bare!

Bare all on the beach
Make sure you know the rules before you dare to bare (Credit: Getty Images)

Best nude beaches in Victoria

Since nude beachgoers were banned at Campbell Cove in 2015, nudists have had to head out of Melbourne for a trip to a clothing-optional beach.

Here’s the three best nude beaches in Victoria to bare all undisturbed.


3. Point Impossible  Torquay

Where: 425 The Esplanade, Torquay

A quiet beach, you might find yourself enjoying the sandy stretch with only a handful of other visitors.

On the eastern edge of the Great Ocean Road, Point Impossible includes a one kilometre clothing-optional section.

Reached via a long gravel road which ends in a sizeable car park, this beach includes sand dunes.

One and a half hours south west of Melbourne, Point Impossible is just over 20km from Geelong.

Enjoy being free!
Enjoy being free! (Credit: Getty Images)

2. Southside Beach  Torquay

Where: Jarosite Road, Bells Beach

This flat wide stretch of sand is south-west of the famous surfing spot Bell’s Beach.

It’s a beach made for the colder months as it’s sheltered from the cool wind, which is all important when you’re in your birthday suit.

Be mindful of the tides though, as only a narrow sandy strip of sand is left when its fully in.

An hour and half’s drive from Melbourne, Southside Beach can be reached via a steep walk from Bell’s Beach west car park or down steps with run from Point Addis Road.


1. Sunnyside North Beach  Mt. Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

Where: Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza

Sunnyside North Beach is a friendly spot and particularly suitable for first time naturists.

Although it might be a little tricky to find, it’s still popular with both locals and tourists and the long beach is secluded so you can relax in privacy.

A mix of sand and pebbles, it’s a good idea to take shoes and, with few shops in the area, make sure to take water and any snacks for your day at Sunnyside North Beach.

Family-friendly, and frequented by couples and solo visitors, its inviting blue waters are a beautiful way to cool off.

Just an hour’s drive south of Melbourne’s CBD, and 2.5km north of Mt. Eliza, take the Nepean Highway turn right into Sunnyside Road. Park up and stroll through the bush to the beach.

Just remember to leave your clothes on until you get to official clothing-optional territory.

Nude beaches in Victoria
Feel the sun on your skin (Credit: Getty Images)

Whether you’re a dedicated naturist, part-time nudist, or a first time visitor to a nude beach, Victoria has great places to pick from if you want to leave your bathers at home.


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