The huge problem with Aldi’s Special Buys sales

There's another way.
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Aldi’s Special Buys have become widely popular but theres one huge problem.

When it comes to the sales, it would seem that first in best dressed does not apply.

Many customers were left disappointed after Aldis annual ski sale last weekend.

“The customers were not so polite at Burwood One shopping centre in Victoria,” Nicole McDonnell told 

“I arrived at 8.10am and was about 30th in line, by the time 8.30am came there were around 150 people lined up. As the doors opened around five to 10 of the first in line went in and then the entire crowd started running in, not through the entry gate but through the register aisles.

“Unlike many Aldi stores, there isn’t just one entry point. It was like a scene out of a movie. It was disappointing for those of us who had arrived early only to be pushed to the back, thankfully I only had one item to get and was in and out in no time.”

Earlier this year, customers were left “disgusted” by the behaviour of others when shopping the Dyson Special Buys sale. 

“Feeling disgusted by the behaviour of some people pushing in front of me to get a Dyson vacuum this morning after I was one of the first few in the line waiting for sometime before shops opened,” one woman wrote on Facebook in January. “Consequently I missed out. I’m disappointed Aldi staff let this happen. A number system could have prevented this.”

Previously, it has been suggested Aldi implement a ticketing system. And while some stores have trialled this idea, implementing it is at the discretion of store managers.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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