The disgusting reason you MUST get new pillows every 2 years

So gross!

Waking up with a sniffle or with tender eyes can feel normal to most people but it could actually be more serious – and stomach-churning – than just seasonal allergies!

When we sleep in our beds we shed skin cells that then get caught up in the fibres of our bedding. This environment is heaven for dust mites who move in to munch (ew) on what’s left behind.

After two years as much as 10% of your pillows weight could be dead skin cells!

Contrary to popular belief – dust mites themselves don’t cause an allergic reaction. It’s an enzyme in their poo that makes us sniffle and sneeze!

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Pillows are particularly popular feasting sites for mites, and unfortunately they’re right by our faces for hours and hours a night. The solution?

Get rid of the dust mites, get rid of the poo, get rid of the problem!

If there are sniffles going around then the first thing is to simply replace the pillows. If there are no sniffles, then these steps will help protect beds from dust mite infestations that could cause sickness.

  • Wash your pillows and use a clothes dryer to fluff them up – the heat will kill off any bugs left.
  • Wait till beds are cool before making them – pulling the sheets up on a warm bed as soon as you’re up makes a perfect environment for dust mites to thrive.
  • Wash your sheets at 60C or hotter to kill off the mites.
  • Reducing the amount of dust in your house by regularly vacuuming will also help.

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