The Block rocked by shock cheating allegations

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Ronnie & Georgia
Ronnie & Georgia
Channel 9

The Block contestants, Ronnie and Georgia, have been deemed one of the teams to beat from the seasons beginnings. 

Now, the couple have been slammed by foremen Keith and Dan, with claim their electrical faults are hugely problematic. 

Appearing on The Today Show on Wednesday to talk about the episode, the couple joked the foremen were attempting to halt their progress so others could catch up. 

‘They were trying to slow us down,’ Ronnie told the hosts. ‘We were miles ahead of everyone, Keith and Dan come in and make a big deal about it.’ 

Co-host Sylvia Jeffreys then asks: ‘Hang on a second. You’re saying rigged?’

Ronnie didn’t deny the claim in his response, ‘All I’m saying is Dan put on quite a performance.’ 

On multiple occasions, the couple finished their rooms ahead of tools down and have constantly scored well come judging time.

However, on Tuesday’s night episode the professional house flippers suffered a set back when Keith and Dan turned their power off.

When the couple were told it would not be switched back on until they fixed their electrical work, Georgia erupted then broke down in tears. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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