The Block’s Ronnie and Georgia: Our agony over house flop

This season's 'villains' are shattered after the shocking auction.
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After 12 weeks of hard yards and non-stop drama, The Block finale was one filled with anticipation.

On Sunday night’s finale, series ‘villains’ Ronnie and Georgia, were left shattered after their home failed to sell at auction. 

With a reserve price of $2.62 million, the couple only managed to get bidders to reach the $2.6 million mark. 

With Georgia reduced to tears by the result, the auctioneer left the bidding room to join the couple and advise they restart bidding.

Host Scott Cam was quick to advise, ‘I don’t think we should chase twenty-five grand. It’s not going to go to eight in that room.’ 

With Georgia adding, ‘That’s a disaster. We don’t want to just go over reserve. It’s not worth it. We’ll just pass it in.’ 

The distraught couple decided to pass in the home, but they were not aware that potential buyers had yet to finish putting in offers for the property.

Series regular, Nicole, said: ‘He didn’t call it. He didn’t say, ‘I’m going to pass it in full if I don’t have nay further bidders.’ 

Another familiar face on the series, Frank, offered up to $2.725 million for the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home, but ultimately it was Nicole’s final offer of $2.781 million that saved the day.

The offer was $161,000 over Ronnie and Georgia’s reserve, which they happily accepted. 

Although the pair’s home initially looked as if it would be the series’ flop, the couple ended in third place behind Jason and Sarah and winners Josh and Elyse who took home a profit of $547,000 on their $2.62 million home.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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