The Block’s Keith slams Jason and Sarah as their house is in jeopardy ahead of auction

The foreman is NOT happy!
Channel 9

Things got very heated on The Block this week as foreman Keith slammed Jason and Sarah after their home was ruled to have several defects ahead of an auction.

On Monday’s show, Jason and Sarah were told their house may not be ready for auction. 

The duo was told off by foremen Keith and Dan. Keith even went as far as saying their home had so many defects in it, and one particular area was “the worst  area I’ve ever seen on The Block in history.”

Dan and Keith were not impressed as they inspected the place.
Dan and Keith were not impressed as they inspected the place. (Credit: Channel 9)

“The majority of the house needs to be redone,” Keith added.

The foreman revealed there were six or seven days worth of work needed in order to mend the defects, however, there were only two weeks left until the hit renovation series ends.

This isn’t the first time the pair have been in strife this series. In September, they struggled to stay in the competition after failing to complete their master suite.

At the time, Scott Cam was so disappointed that he threatened to kick them off the series if their master suite and next room was not completed within a short time frame. They overcame that hurdle, can they get past this one, too?!

(Credit: Channel 9)

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