Princess Charlotte has a double… and the likeness is INSANE

Three-year-old Scarlett’s similarity to the royal tot is striking.

Victoria Evered’s family were sitting down in their lounge room when it happened.

Her daughter Scarlett suddenly burst up off the couch and dashed to the television screen, shouting: ‘It’s me!’

It was a scenario that mum-of-three Victoria, 38, had seen before.

For two years, little Scarlett, three, had been a Princess Charlotte lookalike and the tot got confused every time her double was on TV.

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But Scarlett isn’t the only one! Strangers do a double take wherever she and her mum go – and Scarlett absolutely adores the attention.

‘People comment on it all the time. You’ll be in the supermarket and people come up and say she looks just like Charlotte,’ Victoria tells New Idea.

‘When we’re out and about and people say it, she laughs and smiles. She does love the attention.’

Adorable Scarlett was signed up by a lookalike agency when she was just 15 months old, after her grandma realised she bore a striking resemblance to the fourth in line to the throne.

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Since then the tot has starred in three viral supermarket campaigns, modelled dressing gowns and even got to open up a winter wonderland with other royal lookalikes.

‘When Princess Charlotte turned one, there was a magazine feature with lots of pictures and my mum said Scarlett looked just like her,’ Victoria explains.

‘Mum said: “Why don’t you see if she could be a lookalike.” I sent Scarlett’s picture to a lookalike agency and she was working that weekend.

‘Her first job was for a viral video campaign for a supermarket when she was 15 months old, to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

‘They were filming so the director was keeping them separate, but people were walking past and doing a double take. It was hilarious.

‘It had millions of views on their social media platforms. It was so surreal.’

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Stay-at-home mum Victoria also entered her daughter into a competition to find the best lookalike, which she won in April 2017.

Scarlett was then asked to open up a Christmas fairground last year with Prince William lookalike Simon Watkinson and Duchess of Cambridge lookalike Heidi Agan.

‘It was lovely for her. She got to walk around the park and meet Father Christmas and got to go ice skating before everybody else arrived,’ Victoria, from Kent, UK, says.

‘They took pictures of her with the other lookalikes on the ice rink, then people were coming over to speak to her.

‘She loved it. She’s a very sociable, friendly, outgoing little girl and it comes very naturally to her. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing any work. She’s just having fun.

‘I would love her to meet Princess Charlotte one day – that would be amazing.’

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But right now, being the princess’ double is enough.

‘I’ll be over the moon if Scarlett can continue being a lookalike. We have a lovely memory book of all her press cuttings so that she can see it when she’s older,’ Victoria beams.

And Scarlett’s endeavours bring added joy to her whole family, according to her mum who says the tot’s brothers are so proud of their sister.

‘Her brothers love it. They think it’s hilarious. Every time she’s in the paper or part of a campaign, they take it in to show their classmates at school,’ Victoria says.

‘They’re so proud of her – especially when she won the competition.

‘She is a bit of a diva and I think that comes with having older brothers – they do love to spoil her. She’s the princess in our family.

‘She enjoys it and if she stops enjoying it we won’t do it anymore. As long as Scarlett’s having fun, that’s the most important thing.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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