8 thrifty hacks to save money on make up

Beauty doesn't have to break the bank.

1.Get free samples

The biggest money waster is buying a product you don’t like, then throwing it out. You can get free make-up samples online or from beauty counters at department stores.

2. Substitute

Vaseline works as lip gloss, foot moisturiser and make-up remover. Hair conditioner can be used as shaving cream, baby powder as dry shampoo, and a dab of lipstick doubles up as blush.

3. Buy generic

In multiple tests, people couldn’t tell the difference between chemist brands and high end make-up. Often the ingredients are identical – it’s just the packaging that differs.

4. Nail it

Paint the tip of your nails with a topcoat to make a manicure or pedicure last much longer.

5. Look down

The most expensive products are placed at eye level as this is where customers direct their gaze. The cheaper versions are located below their more costly counterparts.

6. Get the last bit out

You’d be surprised how much is left in a container you regard as empty. Cut open tubes of primer, foundation, etc to get out all the product you might be otherwise missing.

7. Don’t pump it

Never pump a mascara wand. It traps air and makes mascara dry out faster. Spin the brush to get rid of clumps.

8. Use coconut oil

It makes a great moisturiser, body lotion, deep conditioner and make-up remover.

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