Woolworths mud cake hack fit for a wedding

Another reason to love the versatile cake.

The Woolworths mud cake is a favourite among Aussies.

And thanks to a newlywed, we’ve been given another reason to love the versatile cake.

When Jade Neil’s wedding cake fell through, it was a Woolies mud cake that came to the rescue – and her guests had no idea.

Sharing her story on the Woolworth Facebook page, Neil explained what happened. 

“On my wedding day my wedding cake didn’t show up,” she wrote. 

“Two of my sister in laws and a dear family friend made my wedding cake out of Woolies mud cake, pre-made Betty Crocker icing, fresh flowers and one of my hessian cutlery holders! 

“So if you’re doing a wedding on a budget – here is some inspo!

“Everybody loves Woolies mud cake.”

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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