Are you the youngest kid? Science says you’re the funniest


Calling all babies of the family: according to science, you’re totally hilarious!


A new study by YouGov has revealed that younger siblings are funnier, more laid-back and also more likely to be favoured by their parents.


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In fact, the study, which saw 1,800 British adults rate their personality traits, found that 46 per cent of them considered themselves the comedian of the family (compared to 36 per cent for firstborns).

But it’s not all bad news for the older kids. While they might not be as humorous as their brothers and sisters, they tended to be the most successful, organised, confident and family-oriented too.


True to form, middle children were completely left out of the study.


We’re predicting these results will see much more teasing around the dinner table this Christmas!

This article first appeared on practical parenting.

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