McDonald’s makes huge change to menu

It has everyone seriously divided!
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The internet is furious after discovering McDonald’s secret change to their signature French fries.

Canadian journalist, Malcolm Gladwell revealed the game-changing news on his podcast, Revisionist History.

According to him, McDonald’s reinvented their famous fries in 1990 without people noticing. 

When researching, Gladwell discovered that the recipe was changed on July 23, 1990 when McDonalds stopped using beef tallow to fry their chips and switched to using vegetable oil.

As to why the sudden change in recipe, Gladwell believes it was because of a man named Phil Sokolop who suffered a heart attack in 1966 and had been vigorously campaigning against the fast-food giant. 

If that isn’t enough to have you fuming, Gladwell shared that the new recipe is even more damaging to people’s health.

He said: ‘Not only did they destroy the French fry… They gave us something that was worse for us from a health perspective. So everything about it was a mistake. If they had any balls at all, they would turn around and say, ‘We were wrong, and we’re going back to fries the old way..’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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