Kmart mum creates slumber party of the year

The dreamiest sleepover.

A Brisbane mother of two has created a dream slumber party for her daughter using affordable items from Kmart.

Samantha McGilvery, of Brisbane, said that she had priced a party hire group for a similar set-up and it was going to cost over $500 – and that was without the cake and food.

“I decided I could make it a little prettier for less money,” she told Better Homes and Gardens.

Samantha McGilvery
(Credit: Samantha McGilvery)

Ms McGilvery said she hunted for bargains for the party, and found most of the items at Kmart, including the $25 tents.

A-frame play tent, $25, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)

Other items from Kmart included air bedstwinkle lights, garlands and faux flowers

The clever mum spent $450 in total and recouped $300 by selling it as a party kit.

“I sold the set of six tents/decorations for $300 48 hours after the party finished. In the end [it was] the cheapest party I’ve ever run,” she said.

Sharing the beautiful set-up on Facebook group Kmart Obsession Australia, Ms McGilvery has been praised for her ingenuity and creativity.

Many commented that she deserved a “mum of the year award”.

Ms Gilvery said that given the chance, she would do it again.

“The girls did a talent show but then spent hours lying in their tents giggling and chatting. It was beautiful [and] all seven girls loved it so much. [They created] life long memories.”

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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