Kmart fans furious as pie maker sells out in store and online

Shoppers aren't happy.

This year, Kmart’s pie maker has been praised online for it’s ability to create almost anything (and in the knick of time!). That’s why Kmart Australia shoppers have been left heartbroken that the popular kitchen item has sold out online and in store, with no restock in sight. 

The now infamous pie maker, which boasts its own Facebook page with over 16,000 members, is designed to create a traditional pie. But, with simple altercations, the kitchen appliance can cater to recipes ranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The machine’s ability to conjure up anything, as well as it’s appealing price tag, led it to be a knockout among shoppers.  

pie maker
(Credit: Kmart)

However, those only discovering the nifty item now have been left saddened to hear it’s sold out almost everywhere. 

When your 3 Kmarts in the area are sold out of pie makers and they don’t know when the next delivery is — why?!’ one person asked the Kmart Pie Maker Recipes Facebook page. 

‘The pie maker continues to be sold out,’ another added. ‘Kmart have even removed it from their website now!’

sold out
(Credit: Kmart Australia)

A spokesperson later told, ‘Due to popular demand the Kmart pie maker is currently sold out.

‘Deliveries of stock will arrive in store across the next six weeks with a larger shipment due in September. We thank our customers for their patience.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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