With hints hidden on her social media, fans are quick to jump to the conclusion Princess Eugenie is expecting.

Can you spot the clues?

Is Princess Eugenie hiding something?

For months the palace has been buzzing around the news of the arrival of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bundle, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

However the baby news hasn’t stopped just there.

Rumours are now surrounding Prince Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie after her nuptials with Jack Brooksbank.

The pair wed in a lavish ceremony in October last year and it seems that fans of the couple are keen to see the family grow to three.

Followers of Princess Eugenie’s personal Instagram account have been flooding her social media with queries about her own baby news.

After Princess Eugenie shared a black and white still of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and newborn Archie her fans were quick to comment.

‘You’re next’ one fan typed.

‘Now it’s your turn,’ another commented.

‘You next please,’ they continued.

Adding fuel to the rumours the public have been quick to point out that Princess Eugenie has been very strategic in her photos she has been posting.

From close portraits, cropping out her stomach to throwback snaps or even photos which she isn’t in at all.

It has us all guessing! 

Whilst Eugenie or the Palace are yet to address the rumour – it seems to be the elephant in the room! After she uploaded a photograph wearing a loose-fitting shirt people again flooded her comments.

‘I think I see a baby,’ one replied.

Another even posted the pregnancy emoji with a question mark.

Royal watchers are keeping a close eye on this Princess with some tipping she will announce her pregnancy any day now.  

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