IKEA bedding game changer: Is this the answer to perfect sleep?

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Most couple’s will understand the true torment of a duvet war, writhing back and forth until you are satisfied with how much of the covers are on your side. Well, apparently IKEA has announced the perfect solution, and it’s rather brilliant!

The furniture chain has released a new campaign, the ‘TOG-ether’ campaign, which suggests that 50 per cent of us suffer poor sleep because we’re at the mercy of someone else pulling a duvet away from us in the night. 

Women are claimed to be the most affected by ‘duvet hogging’, and IKEA’s research claims that many often retreat to the couch for a good nights slumber. 

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The TOG-ether bundle features two separate duvets in one bundle, allowing each person to have their own, individual cover. 

Carol McSeveny, textiles leader at IKEA, said, ‘Many of us find that not getting a good night’s sleep is becoming a regular occurrence. Getting enough sleep is of upmost important for us to remain healthy and optimise our wellbeing.

‘This is why we have introduced this traditional Swedish sleep trend of using two single duvets instead of a double, in UK stores for a short period, allowing couples to select a duvet from the bundle that suits them.’

The bundles go on sale from the 27th of January. 

The TOG-ether bundle features two separate covers
The TOG-ether bundle features two separate covers (Credit: Ikea)

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