The $30 IKEA product that’s had the most hacks of all time

Who hasn’t got one of these in their home?!

How have you decorated with yours?

We love a fun DIY hack and IKEA has so many possibilities to adapt furniture and accessories – the outcome only depends on your levels of skill and creativity.

Perfect for a weekend makeover and one of our all-time favourite IKEA pieces to customise is the MOPPE mini chest of drawers. The simplicity in its design opens up a whole world of adaptability – from rearranging to removing or reversing the drawers, painting, stacking, adding legs, decoupage or decorative handles – the sky is the limit with this one.

We took a trip around Pinterest to see what’s been done and were amazed at the results from all over the world! Here are our Top 10 favourites.

1. Antique patina

Small but sweet, a little textured wash is all this one took to be transformed.

ikea item 1
(Credit: Pinterest/Serendipity Refined)

2. Paper & pattern

An eclectic mix of what may be wallpaper samples combine creatively.

ikea item 2
(Credit: Ikea)

3. Rainbow dreams

Clever use of colour and scale sees the full colour spectrum unfold as the drawer size increases downwards.

Pinterest/Row House Nest
(Credit: Pinterest/Row House Nest)

4. The world in your hands

We love the decorative use of a world map and this is no exception. Leather drawer pulls add to the well-travelled look.

(Credit: Pinterest/Hometalk)

5. Hallway help

Two MOPPE units combine here to form a functional hallway console for storing and collecting daily essentials at the front door.

(Credit: Pinterest/SoLebich)

This article originally appeared on Home Beautiful.

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