The baby name that dropped massively in popularity has been revealed

You won't see this name that often.
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Most baby names go through a popularity life cycle and can sometimes be affected by popular tv shows. Names such as Mimi, Roxanne, Carl and Arnold have fallen out of popularity in Australia, but none of these names compared to the fallout of the name Hannah in the US.

The online publication Quartz, has used baby-name data dating back to the 1880s to determine the rise and fall of certain names and have confirmed that the name Heather has come to a crash and burn.

The research shows that the popularity of the name peaked in 1975 with over 24,000 children owning the name, making it the third most popular name that year after Jennifer and Amy.

However, in 2017 the name dropped from third place to 1129th place with just 219 children given the name that year.

With the name having such a drastic drop in popularity over the past 43 years, it’s hard to think of any famous Heather’s in Hollywood younger than 43. The names Heather Locklear and Heather Graham come to mind when trying to think of Hollywood Heathers.

Baby name trend expert, Laura Wattenberg of Her Name Wizard, told Quartz “Heather climbed gradually into popularity through the 1950s and ’60s, then took its biggest leap in 1969, a year that featured a popular Disney TV movie called Guns in the Heather.”

What followed next was a whole generation of babies being named Heather. Eventually these children grew up and the name became considered a ‘mum name’, so young parents decided against the name.

Many Heathers have now come forward with some facts about their name.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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