Flower arrangements: Modern, artificial and wedding flowers

Want to learn more about the art of floral design?

A beautiful bunch of flowers adds something extra special to your home, but did you know that there is a precise art that comes to arranging those florals on your dining table?

Whether it be a wedding, birthday, funeral or just for you, you can create the perfect flower arrangements but following these single steps.

Flower arrangements change with trends and cultures, but these three classic florals have stood the test of time.


These arrangements create a mesmerising look. Using the natural lines in flowers, twigs and leaves emphasising on negative space which highlights the florals.

If you are feeling creative try your hand at Ikebana – the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Similar to oriental design the popular art of Ikebana, which dates back to the 7th centaury,  focuses on lines and proportions create a stunning talking piece.

Traditional / Western:

In these arrangements the more the better, these groupings focus on the use of many flowers. Large arrangements are the key when tackling this design.


This take on flower play is based on the taste of the florist. Often with unique flair the floral designer has free reign in designing whatever they believe is fit for their customer. These can be small and simple or large and dominating florals, each arrangement is different.

When creating your own arrangement there are six key principles you should follow to create the perfect florals for your occasion.

Design, balance, scale, rhythm, emphasis and harmony / unity.

Next time you are filling your vase focus on what shape you want it to be, use cohesive colours, central focal point and what / who the flowers are for.

If you keep these in mind your arrangement will be perfect.

If you are keen to show off your green thumb one of the most important rules to follow is to remember the event your arrangement will be for.


Often when you drop the word wedding almost instantaneously the price doubles. With bouquets in excess of $150 each more and more people are turning to DIY florals. And it can be done! Dried flowers and leaves make great DIY environmentally friendly confetti.


A stunning bouquet is a great way to celebrate someone’s life. Try incorporating their favourite flowers or colours amongst your arrangement. A wreath is also a beautiful way to honour someone.


A homemade and even homegrown bunch of flowers is a lovely and inexpensive gift for someone special. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch!

Try this: Flowers can be used in so many different ways so don’t be scared to get creative.

Pick your favourite flower and lie in between two tissues. Slide it into a heavy book (a phone book works great) and leave for a few weeks. This pressed beauty is a simple and stunning addition to a DIY birthday card.


Stunning flowers adds a beautiful touch to events.  From vase filled centrepieces to flower walls get make your next party stand out from the crowd.

Tip: if your favourite blooms aren’t in season don’t be scared to add artificial flowers.

If you can’t find the florals you desire, there are stunning artificial replicas that can do the job! Try spritzing them with water to give them a more realistic effect. If it’s a special occasion try silk flowers, they are arguably the best floral replica on the market.

Whatever the occasion there is a floral arrangement that is its perfect pair.

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