Fitness fairytales

Weight loss myths - busted!

Walking burns more fat than running or high-intensity exercise

Nup! The more intense you can make your workouts, then the more calories you can burn. So burning 20 calories walking for 10 minutes versus 100 calories running for 10 minutes – how would you rather invest your time?

You can spot-reduce fat

I wish! No. No matter the amount of exercise, the body part you’re targeting will still have a layer of fat on it. Healthy eating combined with full body workouts will help reduce your body fat percentage. My TIFFXO program covers both of these 0 the best and most fun workouts PLUS delicious healthy menu plans.

Heaps of sit-ups will give me a six pack

Unfortunately not! Your abdominal muscles are used to stabilise you in many exercises: squats, push-ups, planks, deadlifts – practically every compound exercise will engage your core. Only clean eating will melt the fat away on the stomach and  reveal your six pack.

I don’t want to look like a body builder if I lift weights!

Nah, women have oestrogen, which makes it harder for us to build muscle mass. You need testosterone for that! However, lifting weights will help you tone and change the shape of your body with a resistance training program, which only means you will create more definition. Eating junk will bulk you up, not weight training.

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